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Wow! Back to Bolsa Chica!

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is an approximately 1,300 acre coastal estuary that is home to over 200 different species of birds. Shore birds, nesting birds and raptors abound. It serves as an attraction to many excellent photographers and birders who can be found there daily when the weather cooperates. I humbly watch their Facebook posts to see which birds I want to go see there, and sometimes there are surprises, like the White-tailed Kite above.

I go there almost weekly, carrying my trusty Canon R5 with the RF 100-500 telephoto zoom lens. I also include a 1.4 x teleconverter to boost the reach of the camera up to 700 mm because those pesky Kites never get close enough for decent un-cropped shots. Photo above was taken at 700 mm. Still waiting for a new lens that will help reach out a little further, but in the meantime, this is what I've got to work with.

Because I haven't posted since my cross-country trip from Michigan to California passed through Bosque del Apache in late October, there will be over 40 images to share in the gallery that follows. My website is currently undergoing editing to be able to share my images better, I will just say that everything you see can be purchased. Options are canvas and metal wall art, clothing, and assorted gift items.

I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing my photographs -- Thank you!


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