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Sun's Out! Time for Some Birding!

Rainy California. When the sun finally comes out, and you'd been thinking Michigan weather wasn't much different for weeks on end, it's finally time to get out! Friday at Laguna Niguel Regional Park to see what's there. Gosh, there was an adult light morph Red-tailed Hawk, an adult Red-shouldered Hawk, a Common Grackle, and a little House Finch posing nicely for me.

Then Saturday (today), I had some time to kill while Rosie, my special Yorkie-Poo and life companion, was at the groomers. Scooted up the 73 to Irvine and the San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary for a walk around with the camera. Never mind that there are thousands of Tree Swallows going crazy over the bugs in the air, there was also plenty of waterfowl. But, I had fun with a Northern Rough-winged Swallow, frequently jumping off a favorite perch to catch a bug; you can see him about to catch one in a picture below. Focusing was difficult, but I managed a few. Also, a fleet of White Pelicans were putting on a show and an Allen's Hummingbird leapt off its branch!

Still had time left. Drove the rest of the way up the freeway to Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and had even more fun. Added shots of another perched hummingbird, an American Avocet, and a Snowy Egret wading. But the most fun was a couple of Osprey, one hovering in fishing mode, and a flock of Common Terns, chirping and flying. Zooming in showed their chirping beaks and hairdos in the wind. Shot of the day is probably the one you see above; I love that the sky cooperated with that beautiful background. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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