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Random Shots

This small collection represents a few shots I took on 2 different days. The first was while I was attending an RV convention called the FROG Rally in Goshen, Indiana. (Stands for Forest River Owners Group.) I had some extra time one day and walked several miles around a nearby body of water called, Fiddler's Pond. This time of year -- late July to mid-August -- it's hard to find a lot of bird activity, since the timing is still pre-migratory. However, there were a few surprises and a couple of decent shots of a Gadwall, Blue Jay, Cedar Waxwing, a female Red-winged Blackbird and a Neotropic Cormorant in flight.

At home for a week after the rally, feeling the need to get out with a camera, I did my usual drive-by observation in the area near Indian Lake, Dowagiac, and Eau Claire, Michigan. Hitting the back roads and watching for whatever appears to be photogenic can be somewhat discouraging. But, perseverance won out! Managed the Great Blue Heron above, a Mute Swan pair on an algae-green pond with some young Wood Ducks, and found that the Osprey were back at their favorite antenna nest near Sister Lakes. I was hoping for some action there, but they were just hangin' for a while.

All photos from these two sessions are in the gallery below. Hope you enjoy viewing them!


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