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Making The Best of It at Ten Bits Ranch

I have made quite a few road trips across the country between Michigan and Arizona, and now Southern California. Because these trips usually involved the transport of pets and worldly goods, they were completed as quickly as possible. Now, it's different.

Photography means the stops are longer. They're chosen for beautiful landscape, presence of wildlife, and fascinating places to stay. This is one of my favorites! Ten Bits Ranch in Terlingua, Texas. Discovered when looking for places to stay near Big Bend National Park.

My first visit here was in April, the eastbound pilgrimage. October is the westbound version. Plans to spend 2 days in Big Bend with my good friends, Danny and Cheryl, were interrupted by the rain gods, turning the 2.3 mile dirt and rock road up to the Ranch into a slippery mud bog.

None of that spoiled the beauty of the Ranch, though. Instead of spending lots of time in Big Bend looking for birds, I just enjoyed finding ways to capture the experience of being there. Had a bit of fun shooting the night sky, revealing our Galaxy. The rains produced a temporary waterfall, which was beautiful. I also included an image of the battery building that powers the entire ranch!

Oh yes, I did make it into the park, but the skies were dull with moisture and the drama of the mountain scapes were a bit concealed. A big Turkey Vulture which flew in front of me perched and allowed me the only bird shot of those 2 days.

So, here's the best of what I saw and I hope you find enjoyment in the following gallery.


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