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It's Been Too Long!

So, after months of working around the house and some major electrical modifications to the RV, I am finally on the road again! First stop after "mooch docking" at my favorite niece's home in Ann Arbor is the Canadian Raptor Conservancy near Simcoe, Ontario.

It was a perfect day for a photo shoot and CRC did not disappoint! We had a crowd of about 12 and in all, they flew and posed 10 different birds of 9 species. I will try to run down the list here:

  • Great-horned Owl -- Jack

  • Eastern Screech Owl pair -- Cecil (red) and Gordon (grey)

  • Harris Hawk -- A.Y. Jackson

  • Eurasian Eagle Owl -- Frodo (also seen in my selfie)

  • Red-tail Hawk -- Sadie

  • Lanner Falcon -- Dino

  • Bald Eagle -- Arnold

  • Baby Great-horned Owl -- Hayley

  • Barn Owl -- Delta

It never ceases to amaze me how many photo failures I amass, trying to get a few good ones! This batch represents "saves" from over 2,000 photos! There are more good images, but many just like what you see in the gallery below

Please check them out and let me know what you think.



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