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Coming Down to the Wire

As the hours wind down before I have to pack up the car, grab Rosie, and start working our way East, I wanted to get in a few photography sessions here in SoCal to feed the soul. When I get to Michigan, finding great birding sites will require getting the RV outfitted and making excursions to points North. And beyond!

The realization has just hit me that the images in this post represent 4 visits to wildlife areas around here, including one new one: Laguna Niguel Regional Park, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, and the new one, Sunset Aquatic Park where I found the Great Horned Owl family! This makes the gallery that follows quite large. Please take some time viewing all the images and let me know your favorites. I have a few of my own.

The website is continuously under construction, but the objective now is becoming clearer. I want my images to be available for anyone to acquire to use for wall art, gift ideas, and clothing. My plan is to keep you informed throughout the process. Watch for new and fascinating possibilities!

Thank you!


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 08, 2023

Excellent! Love the owl🦉

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