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Catching Up - Part 1

Updated: Mar 27

I've been lazy. Not in terms of photography, but more in failing to update this blog regularly. Apologies! Now, let's get started.

The last 10 missions (I know...) are divided into 3 parts. Starting with a combination of stops in places like Inspiration Point in Corona del Mar, a walk through Laguna Canyon, a visit to Laguna Niguel Regional Park, and a trip to Yucaipa to visit the regional park there including San Jacinto Wildlife Area. These all took place between late January and March 1.

Inspiration Point

I went out to Inspiration Point because it is a popular destination for landscape photography and folks who love the beauty of the coast and beach there. I took some pics on this rather gloomy day and these 3 survived:

Laguna Canyon

A bird watch group was taking a walk through Laguna Canyon, just up the road from Laguna Beach, so I decided to tag along. Another gloomy, rainy day, but a few interesting pics resulted. Acorn Woodpeckers and the storage system they used in dead trees, a Merlin, and a bee entering its hive in a similar dead tree.

Laguna Niguel Regional Park

A 5-minute drive from where I live in Laguna Hills, this park is an easy go-to destination for some occasionally fun shots. In the gallery below are American White Pelicans, an Osprey scanning for fish, a Black Phoebe, and a Yellow-rumped Warbler headed skyward.

Yucaipa Regional Park and San Jacinto Wildlife Area

A 50-mile drive through the multi-laned vehicular canyons east of Orange County brought me to Yucaipa. I decided to get a room up there and spend a couple days shooting at these locations. Timing was important at the park because on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is usually fish-stocking. Fascinating that a particular Great Egret attends this function by-weekly, without fail.

Seen at the Park: Bald Eagle, White Pelican, Cormorant, Northern Mockingbird, Cassin's Kingbird, and the aforementioned Egret.

Seen at San Jacinto: Great-horned Owl, Loggerhead Shrike, Red-tailed Hawk, Western Meadowlark, and a posse of colorful lady riders touring the area.

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