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Easter Sunday was a good time to blast off from our perch in Southern California to beautiful Kauai, Hawaii to celebrate for a week. The Garden Island! And, such a beautiful place it is, with incredible terrain, beaches, and friendly people! Varying micro climates from one end of the island to the other, and a fascinating history of those who navigate the Pacific Ocean eastbound from the Orient.

In this post I am including a mix of family, landscape, and wildlife photos. Because there were so many different visual experiences on the island, it will be easier to share and view in this single blog post. I had much fun capturing some new birds for my collection, most all up at the Kilauea Point Lighthouse and National Wildlife Refuge.

If you always wondered what a Red-footed Booby looked like, see it here! How about a Nene or Hawaiian Goose? Take that, Canada! Add in the Great Frigatebird, the Laysan Albatross, and the Red-tailed Tropicbird, and you've got a whole new bunch of critters. They were copious and active. Following Kilauea, I'm including pics of Waimea Canyon, Po'ipu, and Princeville Botanical Gardens. Here's the gallery:

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