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Wildlife Photography
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Locations in Southern California and Southwest Michigan with travel to sites far afield for exciting imagery

my specialties

     Attracted to observing and photographing birds in flight, I love capturing moments of their brilliant native aerial ballet and intricate beauty.  Fun discovering unusual poses and portraiture of all forms of wildlife, whether birds, bears, frogs, butterflies, or pets.  Interested also in images showing the beauty of nature and landscape.  Add to that an eagerness to capture the drama of competition in youth sports events, nautical regattas, excitement in aviation, and the beauty of family photography.

my latest works

Below are the some of my latest images.  More complete galleries with event descriptions can be found in all Blog posts.  Other galleries in different photo categories (i.e. Wildlife, Landscape, Sports, etc.) will be added soon!

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a little about me

After retiring from a long career in aviation, life has allowed me to polish the photographic skills developed over my years of worldly travel.  Now, the fun accelerates as I enjoy sharing my many new photographic experiences with you.  Watch here and look for new imagery and opportunity.  Always feel free to connect and join the discussion.  My stationary locations are primarily in Southern California and Michigan, but I travel to many other interesting sites to shoot images and video.